3 Minute LiveVenues Survey
Please help us serve you better by sharing your experience with LiveVenues so far.  

If you haven't already downloaded the app, please search the iTunes App Store for "LiveVenues", download it (FREE) and try it out before continuing.
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You will be asked about:

1. Your experience with LiveVenues
2. The features of LiveVenues
3. How LiveVenues fits into the market 
4. General information about yourself

This survey is anonymous.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to help us understand our customers and make a better app for you and your friends!

Section 1 | LiveVenues

What is the main factor for you when downloading an app? *

How often do you use location aware apps? *

How would you rate the overall quality of LiveVenues? *

How would you rate the performance of LiveVenues? *

How would you rate the design of LiveVenues? *

Overall, how satisfied are you with LiveVenues? *

And how likely are you to use LiveVenues again? *

If you were describing LiveVenues to a friend, what would you say?

Section 2 | Features

In your most recent experience with LiveVenues, which features did you use? (Don't worry if you didn't discover or use them all!)

In what type of setting were you when you last used LiveVenues? *

Please share what you like about LiveVenues.

Please share what you would like to improve or change about LiveVenues.

Which features would you like to see added to LiveVenues in the future? Please try to narrow it down to your top 5-10 choices.

What is the most important improvement that could be made that would increase your satisfaction with LiveVenues?

Section 3 | Company and Competition

Which company would you say is our biggest competitor in the location aware app market? *

How well do you feel that the LiveVenues team understand your needs for this type of app? *

Which of the following personality traits would you say best describes our company? *

How would you compare the quality of LiveVenues to that of our competitors?

How would you compare our prices to those of our competitors?

Section 4 | About You

What's your gender? *

How old are you? *

What is your current marital status? *

What is the highest level of education you have completed? *

What is your average yearly household income? *

What is your current employment status? *

How likely are you to recommend LiveVenues to a friend or colleague? *

Why did you choose {{answer_25275072}}?

We'd very much appreciate your comments and suggestions.
Thank you for completing the survey and sharing your honest feedback about LiveVenues.

If you'd like to share additional thoughts, ideas, or feedback, please contact us through our company website: 


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